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Updated: Apr 4, 2021

BLOG ALERT.............27TH MARCH 2020

Wow! Thank goodness its Friday!……everyone has been incredibly amazing this week in such difficult times. Thank you all for being so patient whilst we work out how to operate under such worrying times to keep everyone safe.

At one point I through we were going to have to close, so apologies for the confusion ☹ but after today I’m confident that with a ‘ONE IN -ONE OUT’ policy the store can remain open. YAY!😊

Deliveries & non-contact pre-paid collections have been flying out the door, thank you all, this has worked so well!! My team & I are so grateful we can play a role during this crazy time, I hope we are doing you proud, its been an emotional week for me, trying to decide what’s best for everyone. But we made it through the last few days and now have a concrete plan going forward. PHEW!!

My suppliers have been working their socks off since the supermarkets started going bonkers, every delivery has arrived on time with very little missing….. AMAZING…!! It makes our role so much easier…..! 😊 I applaud you!!

I’m sorry we don’t have a fantastic website yet for click & collect…… I’m working on a few videos to show anyone that doesn’t know our store already what we do, and how much we have to offer. Thank you again.

Jess & my amazing team – KAREN, DONNA, GRANT & KATIE

See you tomorrow 9-2pm

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Some fabulous feedback!! Thank you for your email Rizzo!! Received today..... Look forward to seeing you again in store soon - A very warm welcome to Warminster!!

“My name is rizzo I have just moved to Warminster. I am a crazy staffie who loves snacks and visited your shop , a young man (Grant Chamberlain) helped my mummy choose the best snacks and looked after me . Thank you very much I will be back, keep safe , lot's of love from me and my mummy!!”

How marvellous to open my emails this afternoon and see this beautiful face with lots of tasty goodies from Baber's!!. Thank you Paula Oxford

#supportingsmallbusinesses #supportinglocal #shoplocal #smallindependentbusiness #petshop #animalfeedstore #warminster #highstreet #wiltshire #freeparking #easyloading

#keepcalm #staysafe #stayhome #petshop #animalfeedstore #warminster #highstreet #supportlocal #independentbusiness #inittogeather

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If your looking for a great winter coat to keep your 4 legged bestie warm & dry please do give us a try. We can measure your pooch for the best fit just like these too beauties did a few weeks ago. #matchymatchy Best friends Dylan & Logan ❤💕

Thank you to mummy Lucy for a great action photo!! 😍🐶🐾

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